Oxford University Personal Statement Tips For College

Chapter 1: Who is your audience? I help you get inside the minds of the tutors who will be reading your personal statement. Knowing who is on the other end will greatly improve your tone of voice and will help you sell yourself better.

Chapter 2: Who are you? Once we’ve figured out who we’re speaking to, we’re going to really discover who you are. I’ll help you craft a compelling ‘elevator pitch’ or summary of yourself. Then we’ll go through the personal statement brainstorming stage together. I’ll show you all the little tips and tricks I used to really discover who I was and emphasise my strong points.

Chapter 3: How to dig deep. You’ll learn more of my personal “secrets” in this chapter. This is the exciting stage where you’ll really start to see the beginnings of your personal statement.

Chapter 4: How to make sense of the chaos. This is where we start to tie everything up and give your personal statement a unified feel. We take the mess from the brainstorming stage and turn it into art.

Chapter 5: How to outline. Outlining is key to having a pain-free world-class personal statement. I show you how to outline in this chapter.

Chapter 6: How to write an introduction. I show you how to avoid common introduction mistakes and how to craft an introduction that simultaneously shows the unique you and grabs the reader right from the start. I’ll also show you some language styles and patterns that work to exude confidence.

Chapter 7: How to write a main paragraph. This is where I teach you the structure tip that helped me write a great personal statement and also many great academic essays during my years at Oxford.

Chapter 8: How to write a conclusion. You’ll learn how to end on a strong point that leaves a lasting impression in the reader’s mind.

Chapter 9: How to edit and revise your personal statement. Here I give you the simple editing and revision advice that I use whenever I write anything.

Chapter 10: Deep breath. Relax. This is where you finish your personal statement with a big smile on your face.

You can read How To Write A Personal Statement for Oxford Universityhere.

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