Essay Titles For Betrayal

Heart of a saint, life of a sinner

Broken without you

Romance monsters

A match made in hell

Overlooked love

Easily broken

Love Together, Be With You Never.

Your love is never good enough

Guilty love

Partners in our crime

Broken heart

Same old love

Waiting for forever

Love shy

Wicked games

Every memory reminds me of you

Ain't nobody

All cried out

Am I wrong

My future is shrouded in dark wilderness


Everything has changed

Blame it on me

Pray to god

Wildest dreams

Sunshine is far away, rain clouds linger on

Limit without glory

Sounds of history

My heart will go on

Searching for Shadows

What's wrong

I'd rather die

Unexpected guest

Finally over

Blood red, Snow white

The lasting effect of a single word

The rain hides anything

Nightmare interrupted

Peaceful death

Strum my pain

Mistakes were made

I don't care what the say

Every tear a waterfall

Out of my reach

Life goes on

Lost without you

Love passed by

Love on the line

Replacement girl

Don't need pity

No wings to fly

Heal my wounds

Your love is killing me

Trust is earned, not given

Forbidden love

It can only get better

Crying blood, Bleeding tears

Fallen too far

The edge of never

Bleeding from your love

Say you were wrong

Always waiting

The central theme of Betrayal is, as its title indicates, deception and betrayal in human relationships. The play takes one of the most familiar of dramatic situations—an adulterous love affair—and uses it as a means of examining the vast and complicated permutations that such a betrayal can have among spouses, lovers, and friends.

In the play’s first two scenes, Pinter reveals both the extent of the deception among the three characters and the effect it has had on their lives. Jerry and Emma have betrayed Robert, violating between the two of them both marriage and friendship; Robert has betrayed Emma with his own affairs; and, as Jerry learns in the second scene, Emma has betrayed him emotionally by not telling him that Robert has known about their affair for some time. Jerry has also betrayed his wife, Judith, who never appears in the play, but who may be betraying him as well.

The level of deception involved in the story is compounded by the facts that Emma and Robert’s marriage appears from the outside to be a relatively happy one and that Jerry is Robert’s closest friend—indeed, he was the best man at his wedding. Pinter provides no excuses or explanations for his characters’ actions beyond their own desires; there is no mistreatment, estrangement, or incompatibility to create the sympathetic framework that so often accompanies a fictional affair. Pinter’s characters are intelligent, witty, well-read, and utterly...

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